This page is created to provide more context in English. The actual website only exists in Dutch. To visit it, please
check all the way below.

The first online matchmaker for entrepeneurs.

As a small business owner you’re often left by yourself, research found out. KBC Bank wanted to help entrepreneurs to break out of their isolation by finding a complementary business match. And since there was no suitable platform, KBC created one itself.

Matching algorithm

First, millions of transactions between Belgian companies are analysed, looking for emerging trends to make interesting combinations. For example, when a company in sector A does business with a company in sector B, their relationship has potential mutual benefits. Based on these relationships, we have calculated relationship scores between all business sectors.

On KBC Vindr, the algorithm searches for the best matches based on the highest relationship score for the user’s business.

We added extra personal and business data to the algorithm to make the matches even more qualitative:

Distance between 2 entrepreneurs

The shared professional experiences and wants

The common entrepreneurship values of the owners

The common interest in current topics

Personal interests detected on Facebook

Visit the actual KBC Vindr website

Want to visit the actual KBC Vindr website?

Please note that the website is in Dutch only and that you need a Belgian VAT number for registering. But with the following login details you can log in and have a quick look. In order to protect the entrepeneurs’ data, you will get to see some test data.

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